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Vanja Kevrešan A.k.a Disco Dude - 

Vanja Kevrešan is a Serbian Jazz Guitarist/Composer currently residing in Berlin, Germany. He graduated Jazz guitar from the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria (2002). Since 2012 Vanja is teaching Jazz Guitar & Jazz Improvisation at the FMU-Belgrade Music University, Jazz department.

In 1995 he founded his guitar trio VANJA K3 and 2011 his group TRIP TONES, also co-leading the innovative and critically acclaimed group “Space Tigers Berlin” with Grgur Savić since 2016. The group's first album “Space Tigers - Real Sofa Techno Jazz Surfers” debut on “Belgrade Jazz Festival” received reviews from “Downbeat Jazz magazine - Martin Longley” and Jazz artists like Jonathan Kreisberg and many more.

“….In addition, he is considered one of the most accomplished jazz guitarists of today's European jazz scene. He has previously worked with the Dortmund Jazz Academy and works as a musician artist in residence”….

-Ministry of Culture and Science, Nordrhein, Westhafen/Germany, Jazz Domicil Dortmund Press.

"...Vanja Kevresan, who has become one of the most creative minds of the Berlin jazz scene..."

-Ministry of Culture and Science, Nordrhein, Westhafen/Germany, Jazz Domicil Dortmund Press.

He has also been featured performing, touring and recording with artists such as David Binney, Karl Ratzer, Peter Herbolzheimer, Fritz Pauer, Miles Griffith, Logan Kane, Stjepko Gut, Uwe Plath, Milan Nikolic, Andjelko Stupar, Robert Jukic, Jure Pukl, Igor Lumpert, Sava Miletic, David Jarh, Aleksandar Grujic, Vladimir Kostadinovic, Vasil Hadzimanov, Matija Dedic, Vasilic Nenad, Margaritte Jueneman, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, Ondrej Stveracek, Ryan Carniaux, Dean Bowman, Pedja Milutinovic, Pera Krstajic, Damir Bacikin, Tobias Backhaus, Oliver Potratz, Jelena Jovovic, Berndt Luef, Greg Smith, Vega Jesus, Alexander Maksymiw, Igor Osypov, Ben Kraef, Dima Bondarev, Tom Berkmann, Yonathan Levy, Jazz Club Debakel...and many more.


Recorded with Vesna Petković - (A New One-ZAMA/2007 ), and Maya Yaku (Message-PG/2005 ), Jazz Room (Clockwise-2012), Chuii (Third Stone From The Sun (Svinaweb-2015), Space Tigers - (Unit Records-2017), Banjahnkri - (D.Müller verlag-2017)....and more.







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